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Motherhood Box

Chashama Gala, 2019

In collaboration with my creative partner at Sage and Rose, we built a small "isolation chamber" to mimic the experience of motherhood and simulate the reality of the singular role of 'mother'. The outside was decorated with lush greenery and florals, and the inside was coated in repeating imagery of crying children, with audio of my crying children playing on a loop in the background. Motherhood is at once beautiful, isolating, and deeply unsettling (See links in pictures for video)

Breast is Best

Living Gallery, 2020

A floral piece in collaboration with my creative partner at Sage and Rose, exploring the beauty and pain of breastfeeding, made from breast pump pieces and live flowers.

Protest Series

Summer, 2020

A series of signs exploring the rich history of sign painting and protest art. These were donated to an organization that distributed signs to people attending local protests in support of racial equality and voting rights. This series culminated in a group pop-up show at the Arts Society of Kingston in January 2021.

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